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KLTN is short for KULTEN


Kulten is a West Flemish word, meaning clothing.

It originates from the word 'cloth'.


KULTEN is an interdisciplinary agency that shapes and realizes fashion, audiovisuals, music, and art. To us it all goes hand in hand, one reinforces the other.


The aesthetic and practical aspects are carefully weighed against each other and the aim is always to achieve a sustainable result. Healthy and environmentally responsible materials are used as much as possible. After all, the choice of materials not only affects the environment but also the quality of our lives.


KULTEN has a fashion studio where the designs are produced in-house, preferably also with bio-ecological materials. In this way, there is complete control over the implementation, which is important in order to be able to deliver the quality that is intended for the design.

Customization is completely designed to meet the needs of the customer and the specific requirements of the customer.


We, therefore, offer a 'total package': from design to detailing and implementation. This is always done with care and an eye for detail.


KULTEN strives to turn every assignment into a creative and inspiring project!

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